Change not Change

If you subscribe to my alter ego’s newsletter then you’ve already heard the news. I now write contemporary romance under the name E.M. Gayle. I’m sure some of you will wonder why and all I can say is it was a long thought out business decision that has been in the works for a very long time. It’s complicated, but whether you read an E.M. Gayle book or an Eliza Gayle book, it’s still me…Eliza. The books listed here have undergone some cover changes, but the content is still the same. If you’ve already read Submissive Beauty or Tucker’s Fall, then you don’t need to pick up the new editions. (Although I will be offering print editions soon and those are going to be gorgeous!)

With this change, I hope I can put behind some of the delays I’ve been going through and return to getting lots of great books out in 2016.

Change is afoot but it’s not too drastic. I’m still here. I’m still writing. And I can’t wait to bring you some new books.