Hold Me Close

Book Cover: Hold Me Close

He watched her break a year ago. Since then nothing and everything has changed. 

every day the agony of Bonnie's loss threatens to consume her. And her job at Purgatory doesn't help. She's teetering on a razor thin edge. Her only escape comes once a month at the hands of the club's resident bad boy who likes to keep things light and loose.

He may not be the Dom of her dreams, but he makes her feel free and dirty at the same time.

Dex is used to unattached submissives coming to him for a chance to feel the kiss of his flogger or the sting of his whip--until they find their own Doms. Works for him. With his busy life of ink and kink he isn't looking for anything more.

Except with her the lines have gotten blurred. Tonight's the night she'll be coming back for more and when she asks him to hold her close, well, she doesn't know what she's asking. He's going to break his cardinal rule. He just has to make sure she understands there are limits.

Not even a sweet thing like her can wipe his filthy slate clean.


Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books